Extend your video signals with VGA extenders

Extend your video signals with VGA extenders

Would you like to have your main system and display it in two separate locations?
You can now extend your system’s display up to 150m thanks to these VGA extenders.

The first product available is the VGA Extender over CAT5e. This video extender is made up of two VGA to RJ45 adapters of an opposite gender. This video extender can extend its signal up to 30 meters, over an RJ45, CAT5e or CAT6 network cable.

The other option available is the Aten VE-150 video extender, which is made up of a local transmitting unit and a remote receiving unit which are connected by standard Cat 5e cables. This product can extend the distance of both units up to 150 meters while ensuring a high-quality picture.

Video extenders are ideal for settings that require the display to be set up in an exposed area, such as factories and construction sites. These extenders offer the possibility of keeping the system in a separate secure location, regardless of where the display is needed.

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