How to work comfortably from home

How to work comfortably from home

With the world pushing to "flatten the curve", many of us packed up our office equipment and set up at home in a rushed or desperate attempt to keep working. With a longer time frame for our 'working from home' adventures than many of us planned (and hoped) for, we are sharing our knowledge and expertise to help you adapt your remote working life to one that is comfortable as well as productive.

Pay attention to variety and get up regularly during breaks and move around the room; this ensures better circulation and reduces the risk of chronic injuries.

Ergonomics is the keyword. The optimal, individual and mutual adaptation between people and work equipment is indispensable.

A solid foundation

The simplest home office is a computer workstation. This is not restricted to desktop anymore; whether it's PC, notebook or smartphone, screen height is important. Place the monitor so you can clearly read the screen without bending your head, neck or torso forward or backward. A better option would be to use a height-adjustable table or, alternatively, table attachments. These offer a comfortable alternative to remaining in a seated position for too long, which happens too quickly when we concentrate on tasks in our new working environment.

Monitor stands or monitor risers are a cost-effective alternative that can be implemented at short notice. A display that can be flexibly adjusted in height can be as useful as an adaptable desk. Our portfolio includes a wide variety of models and also caters for mobiles, notebooks, and tablets.

Digitus DA-90389 Electrically Height Adjustable Ergonomic Table Frame Digitus Ergonomic Workspace Height Adjustable Riser

As a general rule, while sitting down, your body should form a 90-degree angle. Get your screen/s in the right position and your back and neck will thank you.

Universal Monitor Stands Universal Monitor Bracket Laptop/Tablet Stand Tabletop Glass Monitor Riser

Suitable input devices must not be missing, of course. These make work easier - especially if you only have a laptop, notebook or similar device at your disposal. The ergonomic wireless mouse from DIGITUS allows you to work wirelessly while maintaining a natural arm and hand position. A mouse pad with palm rest and keyboard wrist rest provides additional comfort.

Ergonomic Wireless Vertical Mouse Mouse Pad with Gel Wrist Rest Keyboard Gel Wrist Rest

Needless to say, these ergonomic best practices and equipment are not just applicable at home but can easily be applied in the office in post-COVID life.