8 Romantic tech gifts your partner will love

8 Romantic tech gifts your partner will love

1. External hard-drive filled with memories & movies for future dates. (Want a cheaper option? Fill a 128GB USB stick.)

Get the hard-drive here and the USB sticks here.

2. These pretty speakers, because who can say no to these pretty lights?

Check them out here.

3. Will you be away on business or studies? Show your partner you care, with this conference kit. Perfect to stay in touch when Whatsapp just isn’t enough!

Take a look at one of them here.

4. Don’t let their phone die on the go – gift this car phone charger so you can keep in touch.

You can find this here.

5. Too busy to meet? Set up a WiFi extender so she can talk to you even while sitting in the bath. Keep her in your WiFi range!

Like this one here.

6. Is it you or the dogs? Invest in an Air Purifier to reduce the smell and dog hair letting you cuddle up on the sofa together and stop fighting about it.

Check out the miracle-maker here.

7. Alternatively, impress your loved ones with a picnic basket with a Bluetooth speaker! Pack a picnic basket with this wrapped Bluetooth speaker and go out for the day! Cute, affordable & romantic!

This one is waterproof too!

8. Have a bigger gift planned? Low on cash? Maybe you could gift these cute Mousepads…
And, if all else fails, get a mug… or a power bank.

Check them out here and here.

And if Valentine’s already sorted, they could work for a birthday or anniversary too.