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Multitasking made easy

Multitasking made easy

Are you doing housework or working on your PC and want to see photos, movies or presentations on your tablet/smartphone at the same time but you can’t find a comfortable way of doing so?
The good news is, all you need is a tablet/smartphone stand, and we have just the right products for you.

The DIGITUS tablet Holder Stand offers your tablet (8” to 11”) effective hold anywhere, as long as there is a flat surface where it can rest. You don’t need to worry about it falling, because the stand is very stable thanks to its solid metal base, its large contact surface and its secure hold on the device guaranteed by the clamping plate with locking clips (safety lock). Depending on your requirements and position, the tilt function of the clamping plate helps you to set the viewing angle individually and optimally and the rotation of the clamping plate allows easy switching from portrait to landscape mode.

If you want a less bulking stand, with a smaller size and weight you can choose the DIGITUS Foldable Docking Stand for Tablets and Smartphones, which, when folded together, disappears easily in your pocket and can be carried along anywhere. It is a secure footing for almost any mobile device in portrait or landscape mode. Every device can fit in this stand because you can adjust it to varying widths thanks to its folding hinge. The stand is also covered with a rubber coating in order to make sure your tablet/smartphone is not damaged.

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