Safe and secure. Anytime, anywhere.

Safe and secure. Anytime, anywhere.

Keep an eye on what's important to you! Thanks to the new high-quality DIGITUS IP-security cameras, this is no longer a problem.

With these devices, camera installation is simple. It only takes 3 easy steps, and you don't need to be a technical wiz to figure it out: All you have to do is establish a network connection, install the app to your device and register the camera on and you're ready to go. Thanks to technical innovations and developments, these products are now accessible to everyone.

These products have a wide range of uses – from securing your household to keeping an eye on your children.

Depending on your necessities, you can choose between a security camera for outdoor or indoor use. In the former, the DIGITUS Optimax Wireless Outdoor IP-Camera, which is weather-resistant, will be the best for you. Your garden, garage, yard or entrance will always be in sight. On the other hand, the indoor DIGITUS Optiview Wireless IP-Camera will suit you outstandingly. Perfect for observing your newborn baby in the room or for having a discrete eye on the entrance. Both of them offer a high and clear video resolution at day and night.

The most captivating innovation which characterizes these security cameras is the possibility to watch the Live stream from the camera via the app on your smartphone or tablet: you will be able to observe what is happenings at home, or all-around whenever you want. You won't miss a thing!

In case of a defined action (e.g. opening of a door), an email is sent to you with a snapshot of the recorded situation. A technological marvel, isn't it?

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