Print receipts quick and easy

Print receipts quick and easy

Receipt printers are a vital part of all point of sale system.

Two of our latest models available are the PRP-300 Featured High-Speed Receipt Printer and the PRP-250 Glossy Thermal Receipt Printer.

Thanks to its powerful CPU which enables a fast printing speed of 250mm/sec, the PRP-300 Receipt Printer ensures the highest quality print at speeds to keep up with your busiest days. It’s able to print perfectly and effortlessly and is specifically designed for applications that require fast and quiet printing, such as retail stores.

The main differences in these receipt printers are the connections available. The PRP-300 supports USB, serial and network connections, making it ideal for newer POS systems. On the other hand, the PRP-250 offers a parallel connection which is used in older systems that do not support USB.

These user-friendly receipt printers, with their compact design, also offer the possibility of choosing multiple fonts and languages. The anti-jam system and paper end notice features make printing hassle-free and their long-lasting auto-cutter grants its users more than one million perfect cuts during its life span.

Printing receipts will be as simple as ABC as these receipt printers won’t cost you time and patience.

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