8 ways to survive the power cuts!

8 ways to survive the power cuts!

It’s nearly the end of summer and we’re still experiencing frequent power outages. Apart from suggesting you escape to a cooler country, we have made a list, to help you survive the next power outage!
What do you do? Go stargazing? Have a rant about the darkness to your pet hamster? Turn to this handy guide to survive the blackout!

1. Test your self-control!

See how long you can live without your tech; learn to control your frustration and impatience. You could do some gardening or baking… This test will make you stronger! (Yeah just kidding… if you need your tech like we do, keep reading!)

2. Keep your technology charged.

Invest in a power bank. You have no idea if this blackout will last 15 minutes or 6 hours. The last thing you want is for your phone to run out of charge half-way through a game of Candy Crush! After all, how will you Instagram if you have no battery power?! Your phone is your only technological entertainment and a possible source of the Internet. Bonus activity: keep your friends amused for hours with fun Wikipedia facts.

3. Unplug all appliances and leave only one light switched on.

There is an added risk of power surges occurring that can damage your appliances. Leaving one light on in your home so you know when the power has returned. Bonus activity: Keep your phone handy and live-tweet the whole event, every one-liner you bravely capture will now be a source of delight for your closest friends.

4. Shut down your computers which are now running on UPS.

Now that the UPS has done its job and saved your hard drives from likely damage, go ahead and shut down your systems the right way. Your UPS might have saved you some costly repairs and hours of work.

5. Let there be light.

Find alternative ways to light up your space. Whether it’s candles, torches or our handy USB-powered light don’t strain your eyes unnecessarily. The power supply is provided via the USB port with a very low power consumption of only 0,1W, so when combined with a power bank you’ll have hours and hours of light. Use the handy light to read a book or play a board game!

6. Have an offline library of your favorite movies.

It’s bad enough that you have to deal with the lack of power & Wi-Fi, and are consequently expected to leave the confines of your bedroom. Instead, invite your family or friends over with the promise of unlimited movies or the latest episode of Suits or Game of Thrones which you’ve got saved on your external hard drive.

7. Buy a car charger for your cell phone.

Many of us rely on mobile phones; it is important to keep them fully charged. Keep a mobile phone charger in your car's glove box and you can use your car as a supplementary power source to charge your phone in cases of emergencies.

8. Runaway.

In case of extreme temperatures, plan on visiting locations and businesses (ex. hotels & chain restaurants) that are likely to have generators. We’ve yet to find the perfect place, but we know our local Turkish can still provide us with warm kebab meat and cool salad in the event of a power outage. Gas cookers for the win!

That’s it! I hope these 8 tips will allow you to survive the next case of a nasty power cut.

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